“A Wonderful new light has appeared to rave reviews”

The New York Times

The Academy Lights flexibility and light efficiency allows it to overcome most the of limitations of conventional picture lights.

Lowe energy, durable and replaceable LED lamps are employed to deliver optimal color rendering and specialy designed.

This is achieved through a unique combination of lensed LED heads, which can be:
  • selectively positioned across the picture span
  • interchangeable between several beam profiles
  • variably angled against the face of the picture

These features give unprecedented control over the distribution and uniformity of the light, which can be tailored to suit any piece of Art - of whatever shape or size.

Our lights can also be transferred between paintings of different dimensions; simple re-configuration and re-alignment of the light heads makes them re-usable time and again. Whatever is required will be calculated by us and delivered to you, ready for installation.
  • Low energy, durable and replaceable LED lamps
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • Color temp. 2700K and 2w 24vdc per module
  • Optics options 28deg, 43deg, 60deg, and ellipsoidal 12 x 40
  • No damaging heat or UV emissions
  • Sleek, sicreet and elegant, with concealed light heads
  • A range of sizes and finishes, standard and bespoke
  • A low voltage tungsten halogen version available

Suitable for the residental collector, as well as lighting designers and museum curators.

Lights the whole painting - Evenly - from top to bottom

A unique combination of lensed LED heads, which can be:
  • Selectively positioned across the picture span.
  • Interchangeable between several beam profiles.
  • Variably angled against the face of the picture.
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A range of standard fixtures is available for small and medium sized pictures.
Please contact us for more details. Give us the canvas hight and width and we will help you select the right fixture size.

For more details please contact:

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